The Reiss Motivation Profile® –

Marriage and pre-marriage counselors use this tool to compare the needs of two people in oder to clarify the strengths and issues of their relationship. This tool assesses:
  • The results explain why these partners are attracted to each other by showing which psychological needs are being satisfied by the relationship.
  • The results explain why the partners tend to have the same quarrels over and over again, showing which psychological needs are frustrated in the relationship.
  • The results assess potential compatibility or problems regarding sex, fidelity, money, raising children, emotional closeness, social life, curiosity, household chores, morals and abuse.
  • The results are stated in plain English (no technical jargon) understandable by couples with a high school education.
  • 80% to 90% of couples say the results are meaningful and revealing.

Ages: This tool can be used with people who are 16 or older.

Length: The tool is a 128-item self-report questionnaire, which is independently completed online by each partner. There are no results until both partners complete the questionnaire. Administration time is about 15 minutes for each partner (30 mins. total)

Results: You receive a graphic display comparing the importance of each of 16 needs for two partners. Similar needs and values are interpreted as potential strengths of the relationships. Opposite needs and values are interpreted as sources of repeated conflict and quarrels.
Click here to see graphic example of a happy couple with mostly similar needs and a dysfunctional couple with incompatible needs.
Acceptance, the need for approval
Curiosity, the need to understand
Eating, strength of interest in food
Family, the need to spend time with family
Honor, the need for character
Idealism, the need to improve society
Independence, the need for personal freedom
Order, the need for structure
Physical Activity, the need for exercise
Romance, the need for sex
Power, the need for influence of will
Saving, the need to collect
Social Contact, the need for friends
Status, the need for prestige
Tranquility, the need for safety
Vengeance, the need to fight back
Norms: The normative database today includes more than 40,000 people from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Validation: : Columbus marriage counselor Dr. Stephen Judah evaluated Reiss Motivation Profile® scores of 100 couples who showed for counseling as well as 40 couples who said they had happy marriages. He observed large differences in compatibility of motivational profiles between the two groups. The troubled couples presented with different and incompatible needs and values, such as one partner valuing saving and the other valuing spending, or one wanting a family and the other not wanting a family. The happy couples presented with dramatically more similar profiles of motivation and values; they were pulling in the same directions in their relationships.