New Icons for the 16 Basic Desires Assessed by the RMP

Dear Colleagues:
I am excited to introduce IDS Publishing Corporation’s official icons for the basic desires assessed by the Reiss Motivation Profile®.
IDS's design team – led by Kristen Reiss (IDS Associate) with assistance from Andrew Dix (President of AD Growth Advisers) and me – started work on this project several months ago.  Here is the process we followed:
  • We established three selection criteria: Each icon should represent the essence of the basic desire as defined scientifically by Professor Steven Reiss, should be gender neutral, and should be culture neutral.
  • We shared our initial ideas for the icons with a group of 20 Reiss Profile® Masters from 17 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Based on the feedback we received from this global group, we modified our initial ideas for the icons.
  • We hired an award-winning, professional graphics designer to develop the icons based on the selection criteria and on our modified ideas.
  • After nine revisions, we shared the designs with another group of 15 Reiss Profile® Masters from ten countries across the globe.
  • Based on the feedback we received from this global group, we revised two of the icons.
Click here to view the icons for the RMP for Self-Discovery.  Click here to view the icons for the RMP for Business, the RMP for Sports, and the Reiss School Motivation Profile®.  
IDS will display the icons on its website and in its reports.  We believe the juxtaposition of the icons with the scientific definitions will serve to enhance clients’ understanding of the basic desires.  I hope you agree.

Maggi M. Reiss, President
IDS Publishing Corporation


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