Reiss Profile of Human Needs ID (RMP-ID)

Ages: 12 & Up
Time: 10 minutes
  • Reduces bias in person-centered planning
  • Focuses attention on the whole person

The RMP-ID is a standardized assessment of 12 human needs: acceptance, anxiety, attention-seeking, competence, curiosity, eating, helps others, order, physical activity, romance, social contact, and vengeance. The instrument focuses on the whole person, substituting the language of individuality for the language of disability. The two main purposes are person-centered planning and prevention of violence for individuals with a dual diagnosis.

For purposes of person-centered planning, the test assesses an individual's intrinsically-held values and life goals. The results identify the client's strong and weak psychological needs, and the report includes comprehensive suggestions for improving the individual's happiness and quality of life.

For clients with a dual diagnosis, the test assesses motives that may be associated with psychiatric symptoms and aggressive behavior. The results identify possible reinforcements for the client, and the report includes numerous suggestions for both minimizing the severity of psychiatric symptoms and preventing episodes of violence for this individual.

The RMP-ID is completed by parents, teachers, work supervisors, or caregivers. Respondents rate the extent to which each of 60 phrases is a valid description of the individual. The test is normed for adolescents and adults, ages 12 and up, with all levels of severity of intellectual disability. Administration time is about 10 minutes per rater.

Normative studies showed a satisfactory degree of test-retest reliability for three weeks (.81) and for three years (.89).

Each of the 12 scales was demonstrated to have a high degree of face validity, concurrent validity, and/or criterion validity.

Steven Reiss, Ph.D. was educated at Dartmouth College, Yale University, and Harvard University. As a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at The Ohio State University, Reiss conducted extensive research on the mental health aspects of intellectual disabilities, or the co-occurrence of psychiatric disorders and developmental disabilities. His work was recognized with five national awards.

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